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APoetisOnly Jul 2021
I haven’t done a puzzle since that year
middle of December
Sundays became my favorite day of the week
You took the breath from me
I could hardly speak

Now every time I see you I pretend like I don’t have
The same feelings I did back then
I act as if I don’t notice your every movement
I guess I  should be honest

I’m not paying attention to a **** thing my friends are saying
I smile and laugh but that’s just because I’m thinking about all the things we used to do

Whoever is standing in front of me
I see straight through them
You are forever the only one I see
Always and forever
APoetisOnly Jun 2021
Good god that laugh

I feel you every day

Just open your mouth

And please don’t ever go away
APoetisOnly Apr 2021
So it’s statistics you want
Statistics you’ll get
They say we fall in love 3 times in a lifetime
Ain’t that some ****
1 in 10,000 will meet their soulmate
The other 9,999 just have to deal with what they get
On average we kiss 20 different people
We both know it’s more
But do the numbers count when with every person
I’ve been wishing it was
Your lips I’m kissing
Your hand I’m holding
As I whisper I love you
I want to hear your laugh again
When I say stupid jokes
I want to hear you sing the songs on the radio
I need you to know you’re all I’ve ever wanted
You’re who I’ve always loved
My true north
APoetisOnly Apr 2021
I see you staring at me

I know you see me staring too

Funny, we both are too scared to speak

But we sit across from eachother in that room

Funny, we mirror eachother

It’s as if our souls are one

“What was that?” You said

“Soulmates” I replied with a grin
APoetisOnly Apr 2021
Lately I’ve been feeling elevated
This time it’s different
It’s unlike anything I remember feeling
No, it’s not one of those manic episodes
I’ve been covered and cleansed in calm
In my dreams all I see are palms

Do you remember asking if I had wrote anything for you
I stalled, I stuttered, I straight up lied to you
Page after page is littered with words
That only seem to spell out your name
Won’t you just come home
Or maybe I’ll come to you

I’ll ask you a thousand times
I can see the pain in your eyes
Are you happy?
And did you know
Every love song on the radio
Every movie with a happy ending
Make my thoughts race back to that beautiful face
You’ve got a smile that makes my world shake
APoetisOnly Feb 2021
My body becomes rather rigid when it’s time to follow instructions
“Keep out” nah lets go in
“No smoking allowed” hah but I’m the kingpin
Give me some orders so I have something to throw away
Don’t even think about reverse psychology
You’re the town’s local theater while I’m New York City’s Broadway

Rebel against rebellion
All the ends march in four directions
North to south to east to west
I’m busy digging up treasure chests
I fly while you’re motionless
You turn to cement while I flow
I am the sufferer’s bandage
You are the world’s chateau
APoetisOnly Jan 2021
I used to be a firm believer of love
“Meant to be’s”
Everything of the such

Call me jaded
Call it what you must
But waking up alone month after month
I no longer believe in the above
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