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Jan 14
Wake Up
Wake Up

Sky kiss and lawn of mind
Greening beautifully
Sky kiss

Zumba laugh

Raining and fog falling
turtles pleasantly rolling
Don’t have time for calling

Looking sky
don’t know why?
Ohh It’s not too high, O dear!

Let’s open your astronaut dream
packed with oxygen drill

Moon wink
link your dream strings
Kites flying
and so the rising moon
Beloved come soon
Under the Shade of a tree
Let’s feel free
Let’s uncage your butterfly and a bee

colors hop
colors hop

Get up
Leave your lazy cushions
Do the tango
Don’t wait!
close all your negativity entry gate!

A round walk! Around the walk!
feel the rhythm and think what you have brought
Gain some spiritual meditational sky talk
Then some bang bang chocolate

Take some Fruit’s salad
jolly your mind and add your heart
A dazzling mug of coffee

Rise up and twinkle!
Rise up and twinkle!

start your day!
Don’t let it down dreamy feather
realize the real
concatenate the imagination
Mumbo Jumbo!

Let’s go
driving the infinite snow
feel the cold
relax with the music old!

Take a break!
Let’s go

Pots of golden *** and vacant space
time your mind
sometimes memories rewind
under the cup of diverging new winds

If reached in the forest unknowingly
wild your heart and don’t feel unrest
Wear a mask under the green shadow
Don’t fear if the lion is so near
like a moonwalk
reverse your gear of slow walk
without eye to eye contact

If lion attack
punches the nose hard
never let the lionto eat you
Don’t go beyond the imagination,O dear!

Wild the forest
wild so you!
Wild the forest
wild so you!

Bright love
singing right in front of the mind tree, a pond
O melting glaciers
Hurry up!
seasons of a fluffy polar bear
Drinking beer…

closely searching me near!
So I deep sleep while drinking a lovely beer…

Just to fear the wild bear!

cheers!!! cheers!!!cheers!!!

Grasses of dreams want to sprout
Layer the other side of the coin!

Wake up!
Wake up!

Trees are laughing
Kissing and rejoicing
Oh Dear!
Everything is in the dream!

Snow is wildly astonishing
Foresting smile!
Glittering star shining in the dreamy mile!

Layer’s of desert fall
I am in the dream
I can’t call…

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Wake Up!!

Wake Up !

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Wake Up !!

Wake Up !!!

Ravindra Kumar Nayak
Written by
Ravindra Kumar Nayak  28/M/India
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