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Jan 12
Hello everyone
This is my goodbye

Tears I never knew I could shed so many tears
They cloud my vision and make everything hazey

My head
It pounds and pounds
Thoughts of emptiness
Broken relationships
And taped mouths
Silent I’ve been silent for so long

I feel like my body is humming
But it’s song is shrill and out of tune
Nothing makes sense
It’s chaos it’s just noise
Noise that no one will miss

Hello this is my goodbye
As I sink into the darkness of my mind
Captivated by the thought of ending it all
Taking steps forward but not moving an inch

Working so hard for little reward
Seeing gray clouds when you prayed for sun
Watching as each person you know crumbles in front of you

I’m asking for a reason to stay
I’m asking for a chance to breathe
But all I have is nothing

Hello, this is my goodbye, not my final one.
Not yet.
I’m not stable
Luis Valencia
Written by
Luis Valencia  19/M/Leoti Ks
(19/M/Leoti Ks)   
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