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Dec 4

Bewitched, like I've never known before.
Swirling green pools, a  light flickering behind.
Dancing in time with the flame, entranced, enticed....

Freedom whispers sweet nothings in my ear,in dance a love set free.
I am love,I am rage,I am submission and so much more!
I am all and nothing,a flow of self.
I crumble and rise,seconds apart...Freedom from a poisoned heart.

Looking around at the forest surrounding me, tears stream from my eyes..uncontrollable cries,but not tears of sorrow or fear.
A mourning,but not one of despair.

For a life taken that night and for a birth set in it's place.
A birth full of love,beauty and grace.

Donna lilley
Dec 2018 (c)
Donna lilley
Written by
Donna lilley  37/F/Lincolnshire
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