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Nov 2018
Ambiguity and indecision
Allows room for
You and I.
When I write you and
The emphasis is put on me.
I am put in isolation
To exaggerate that I am isolated.
When I write
You and I
The exaggeration is that we are separate from the text,
Thus one entity amidst the rest of the paper.
The reader,
When reading aloud,
Puts an emphasis on
You then I.
You are brought to the foreground immediately
And I follow right after.
You, thus I.

Here a relationship is formed
And is seen clearly between
You and I
You and
Similarly you and       I
Achieves a similar sentiment
But suggests a different context.
I am looking afar at you
But the position of distance is still maintained.
It is, therefore,
Subtlety that gives meaning
To simple gestures.

The establishment of position between
You and I
Then must depend on subtleties as well.
Ambiguity gives room to grow
But a name
Can only stifle it.
When should things be taken literally
When part of poetry
Is to write in exaggerations.
I don’t know how to talk to you
I and you.
You and I.
Therefore I will take your word for it
And stop there.
Written by
toleomato  M/Canada
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