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Dec 2012
Trying to push me far
but you roll right on back,
To where you were.
Distance is but a physical thing.
Only it's the,
Catching eyes when walking by.
Inhaling while standing close.
It's your mind
that has to be censored.
Of thoughts and memories.
Creeping around and falling front row.
Inside your head.
You have my voices that drips
Like honey.
Through your quite moments and hurried days.
Your mind is rationalizing.
How could someone with no belief
Of love
Deal with a heart that won't quit?
That wants to be coddled and held.
Like magnets do
They always come back together.
Gravitating toward each other.
Needing to feed
Off the balance of being near.
What if one of those times
You pushed...

I just pulled

Nik Krutilla
Written by
Nik Krutilla
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