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Nik Krutilla Sep 2017
Having a gentle heart
Is rare in this world.
Being kind and accepting is an art form that takes daily practice.
To be a good person is important.
But as it's said...

"Beware the company you keep"

Sometimes you think you are a positive influence.
Helping people to be the best version of themselves.
Supporting and uplifting them because it's what comes natural.

But in the same vein,
You also notice a declining faith in yourself.
A muddled discernment in where you've put your confidence.
A feeling that this is a siphon connection.

That's when you realize you are not keeping company anymore.
You are tolerating them.
And they are bleeding you dry.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
There was a time I know
Not many years before,
I sat with heart in hand
On your living room floor.

Your eyes held invitation
Wanting me to understand
Your good, bad and ugly
And see you as a man.

Memories and glimpses,
Visions and dreams.
Roll themselves together
To make sense of everything.

Now when I think of love
Something real and true,
It's for a boy with eyes
A little green and a little blue.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
Thinking of you
Is the air conditioning
To my soul
In the sweltering heat
Of my life.

It's all
Strawberry wine,
Warm July nights
And slow, slow dancing.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
When he looks at me
It burns me
Like the midday sun
In late July
Reflecting off lake water.  

I'm surrounded
And I can't get away.
Even if I did
I would still feel his heat.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
Ocean waters were never so blue,
Until I lost the sight of you.
The green that sprouts around my heart,
Taste of spearmint; cool and ****.
The subtext speaks volumes,
That which the voice cannot confirm.
That is why poetry is bittersweet release
For the soul that yearns.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
If we were sea creatures
In a restaurant tank.
You would be the one
I'd save from the dinner menu.

Because you're my lobster.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
Don't give me roses.
Don't give me rings.
I am not simple and those are just things.

If you do love me,
If it is true,
Then here are the means I would like from you.

Paint me canvas,
Sing me a song,
Write me a letter with words that are strong.

Show me your funny,
Show me your shy,
Share all the dreams you have in your mind.

Hold me when I'm sad,
Hold me when I'm happy,
Hold me either way because I'm a little bit sappy.

Pieces of your heart,
Parts of your mind,
I want to learn you bits at a time.

What I'm trying to convey,
What I hope that you got,
It's you that I love so it's only you that I want.

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