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Oct 2018
What’s it called?
A wishlist? Bucket list?
Had I one, I would wish this:

Where I am me, you are you
And the world is the same
But not really

Somewhere where physics is different,
Reality a little ****** up

Where food cooks faster
Then tastes better
Where cats don’t act ******
Four in the morning
Where what we liked more
Cost a little bit less

Where clouds could be slept on
Soft and cushy
Where breaths underwater
Spoke to the Fish
Where dragons exist, I don’t know

A place that’s better,
In a bad way.
Want to write pieces in other languages. If I do, people would have to bother and translate. If I include a translation, some meaning will be lost and so will the mystery vibe of it all.

“What should I do when I don’t know what should I do?”_ Barney the dinosaur’s orange short friend
Written by
Boi  21/M/On a chair
(21/M/On a chair)   
       L, alexa, My attempts of being a poet, Fawn and ---
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