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Oct 11
There are days
That I look in the mirror and see
An unfamiliar face
There’s a disconnect and I’m
I know it’s me,
But it feels all so strange
To not feel anything at all.
There are off days
When I speak to people
And I feel nothing from their eyes
They’re just empty and I’m
You want to have some emotion
But frankly,
There’s none there
Because a glass wall has arisen
Between you and the world
And that’s
Like the time I was walking
And it was a movie all around me
No depth,
Just a two dimensional view
I was
Or that time that I was floating
In the top right of my body
As only my concious,
Looking down on myself
Because I was
It’s like someone has pulled the wire that connected you and yourself/the world. Derealization/depersonalization can be scary, but it’s my reality.
Written by
julianna  16/F
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