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Dec 2012
Have you ever had a secret?
One you swore would destroy you
A secret that was deadly…

The ones that you kept it from
Would surely banish you forever…
If they ever knew the truth…

Have you ever felt your soul crack?
From the lies you’ve told
You wish you had a truckload of super foam
just To put out fires from the bridges you have burned…

Have you ever felt the loneliness?
Inside a crowded room
Wondered why you were crying
While all the others still smiled…

When the darkness takes over
Never does it matter where you are
A beautiful day becomes very bleak
The clouds they never part…

Have you ever wondered?
If your smile was gone forever
Will you always feel the ache
Of betraying your own heart…

You can never tell him
He must never know
Have you wonder if you will
Ever feel the smile again upon your face…

Have you ever wondered if you have to tell
Is it true in effort to fix your busted heart
Must you expose your soul
And break his apart
Just so you can lift the darkness
And mend the broken cracks…

I say its better
Just to keep it Shhhhhhh!!!
A Poem by KimLove "The Beautiful Butterfly"
"Secrets never told"
Kim Love
Written by
Kim Love  Florida
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