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Sep 2018
What happened in Georgetown stays in Georgetown.
Judge Kavanaugh, that's what you said.
But maybe that's  not always the case,
For now you see that stories spread.

If you are the goody two shoes
That Republicans say you are,
Prove to us that you have what
It takes to be their shining star.

Gang rapes? Drunken parties?
Serious charges for a youth.
What happened there behind closed doors?
We just want to know the truth.

Survivors are merely asking for further
FBI investigations
To get to the bottom of all of this.
These are serious accusations.

One thing that they have done
Or at least say that they will do
Is take a lie detector test.
Maybe YOU should take one, too.

"This poor man's life is being ruined."
That is what your fans are saying.
They ignore how others' lives
Have been affected. That's dismaying.

Look at the hollow hypocrisy
Of members of Congress who turn their backs
On women who have struggled to
Survive violent ****** attacks.

Some say that the Democrats
Are experts at how to lie and cheat.
But we've seen that Republicans
In Congress are masters of deceit.

Holding back pertinent
Information is not the best
Way to show that a nominee
Makes the grade--passes the test.

Judge Scalia's position was kept
Open for over 400 days!
Now they want to rush to judgment,
Ramming you through with no delays!

A thorough study's important, but
Republicans don't give a ****.
The confirmation process here
Has turned into a real sham.

-by Bob B (9-25-18)
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
   She is Blue
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