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Sep 2018
I have felt your lips on mine
Kissing me ever so sweetly
And telling me you love me
And I ***** everything up
I never tend to
Oh, not by a long shot
But I would open my mouth
And spew masked words your way
You always felt the sting of what I said
And you would tell me that you never do that
Of course I never cared cause I am selfish
I always wanted things to go my way
How can a relationship be built on that?
It couldn't. I don't even know why I ever spoke
A lot of things are meant to be unsaid
And words are beautiful if spoken as such
But I open my mouth and you get hurt
Why did you stay with me as long as you did
I don't even understand it
If it was me getting verbally attacked
I would of been long gone from the first moment
And yet you stayed
Now we have a daughter and you are quiet
We are apart and that was bound to happen
But now you have cut ties with me
And use our daughter as a pawn
To hurt me over and over again
I can't even talk to her cause you're not
Saying a word. Not answering my calls
Or my text messages. You are staying quiet
So quiet like a mouse hunting for cheese
Is this all that is left for me
And it is painful
I hear no laughter from my daughter
Because you just won't let me talk to her
Is this the way it's going to be
What is left for me
I hear no calls from you
I hear no text messages from you
Just the endless darkness of quietness
james arthur powell
Written by
james arthur powell  44/M/Dubois, Pa
(44/M/Dubois, Pa)   
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