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Jan 2013
Rhythms of Mother Earth
Those which to life give birth
The pulse of all her life
When disrupted cause strife

Why is it we feel better when we go outside?
What has Mother Earth that is not inside?

Everything is connected
                                       And, in turn affected
                                                        ­                 By that which causes disruption
                                                      ­                                                                 ­      Mainly, human corruption
Drop a pebble in a lake
All things affected by that wake
Of those energy waves emitted
Like those from a tower transmitted

Where have the butterflies and bees gone?
Those that took fancy flight above our lawn
Why have their numbers decreased?
And why have more become deceased?

What is this pulse, what is this beat?
That which surrounds us and is beneath our feet?

Mother Earth's heartbeat, herRESONANCE...7.83Hz (hertz)
The same rhythm with which humanity flirts

Circadian rhythm, day and night
Daily cycle of dark and light

A world, from the eye unseen
Yet perceived by those who are keen
Aware of our world which is synergetic
With waves that are light, electric and magnetic

What happens in a world without bees?
Does the fruit still fall from the trees?
Do we want to live without the beauty of flowers?
All for the incessant need for transmitting towers?

What is the ultimate price that we may pay
If we do not hold our cell phones an inch away
As waves lethal as high concentrations of uranium
Are pumped continuously into our cranium

Wireless hot spots become pervasive
Much like a species that is invasive
Birds migratory instincts disrupted
By those towers that have corrupted

That natural balance we have with our mother
A balance that cannot be replaced with another

This resonance attributed to Schumann
Is a frequency that is also human

(C) 2013 Shawn White Eagle
I watched the documentary, "Resonance - Beings of Frequency" and was inspired to write this poem.  The film has some amazing information.  I have long been aware of the collapsing bee colonies and potential correlation with cell phone towers, but this film does a good job of laying out a solid foundation as to why our Mother Earth's frequency is so crucial to, not only bees, migratory butterflies and birds, but also to us as humans.  If we could only visually see the disruption caused by all of the various waves our technology emits on a continual basis.  I wish U all 7.83Hz on a daily/nightly basis.  Thanks for reading.

Live 4 Love
Shawn White Eagle
Shawn White Eagle
Written by
Shawn White Eagle
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