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Aug 2018
It’s haunting me.
The thoughts that consistently Chasing my memories.
This isn’t who I asked to be.
But when I close my eyes a darkness consumes me. Surprisingly the pain and lies has been a part of life for centuries. Crawling in my skin like a centipede.
It’s been impossible to stop this vicious insane lifestyle.
Repeatedly falling into pain and misery to the point of exile.
But now I find myself looking at life in the mirror and seeing the new start, a new beginning of love and spiritual smarts without the terror.
Got to grab a hold of this new belief and clear my conscience  and vision before I close my eyes, lay my head and sleep. At first these nightmares were haunting me for weeks.
Sobriety has that look of shame, putting myself to blame at all time peek, but the intellectual teaching of the Toltec brought truth and love.
Integrity of possibilities from above.
No distress, distractions or to become oppressed  by others reactions.
Just pure love and that’s a sustainable fashion.
Without a doubt.
I love myself and myself in all, for all is yourself when looking at life through a mirror with kindness and passion and that’s the personal wealth that I’m putting into action.
Paul Sheridan Sanchez
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