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Nov 2012
I'm bored, as bored as someone can be
I'm bored, running circles around my thoughts like a bumble bee
I'm bored, with every breath I take
I'm bored, and boredom is the only thing in people that couldn't be fake
Fake smiles you throw
Yet your fake smiles don't work because you still look like a crow
Fake laughs so high
You think high pitch can make the time fly?
Fake faces you reveal
You eat up on lies like a happy meal…
Fake body you wear every day,
Yet at the end of the time, no one's interested in your body made of clay
Fake gazes, fake stairs
Fake intentions climbing up the stairs
Fake jewelry, fake phone
This is a list of fake I could always go one
Fake hearts, fake emotions
Fake intimacy, fake devotions
Fake marriages, fake divorce
Fake sympathy and fake remorse
Fake empathy, fake duty and chores…
Your lies are fake, which makes them true
But again, your truth is fake too!
Fake thoughts fake you
Fake thoughts fake you
I will go back to being bored, for boredom is the only thing that's right
Fake rights make you go left; fake lefts take you out of sight
Fake lives you lead a head of you, but you can't get your fake boredom that's why I cherish my boredom so much
Fake groups of happy, you're not happy, you're just a fake ignorant bunch
I'll go back to my boredom for it gives me a sense of sanity
And takes me a bit away from your fake ego and vanity
Fake hugs fake care
Fake lungs of fake air
I'll go back to my boredom, for my boredom is unique
And my boredom made me realize how fake you are as we speak…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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