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Abdosh A Feb 2013
Throughout this life
I wanted to rise
To conquer mountains
Even if scared of heights
With a helping hand
Fighting the wrong from right
living beyond the glory
No worries
No homeless stories
Only gardens of berry's

In the face of tyranny
We gaze in irony
The awareness of the population
The general opinions of the nation
Contributed participation
Might solve all the equations
An empire will be
Joined strongly and free
Made consciously
Conserved peacefully
In dignity & wealth
All it will ever be
A place of harmony
Where we all can be
Abdosh A Jan 2013
Logic as the presence of absence
Extremely straight and direct
Depending on the occasion  
Gets you from here to there
Tho if you can imagine
The absence of presence
You can basically go anywhere
To a certain extent, lets not forget
In its self its infinite
Since we barely know the half of it
like the secrets of the ocean
We haven't gone far searching
In the depth of the blue
You notice pearls
Among the oysters they grew
Beneath our conscience
Lies the truth
The ability to manifest our own youth
Surprising ideas
That help the world steer
No logic can shift gear
Without it you can shift anywhere
Abdosh A Jan 2013
Dear U
Ive been meaning to talk to you
Forgive me for not coming through
The promise I once made for you
Don't ever think I forgot about you
I know I never left you a clue
Of why I left and moved on
Tho I thought you where planning the same thing too
Truth to be said it wasn't true
Bound by an idea
We didn't carefully plan through
I wish I would of told you
Instead of ignoring you
I didn't know what I felt for you
The first time for all the wrong reasons
From all the attention it washed through
On the other hand there is so much I needed to do
A journey unknown to conquer on my own
Where life takes me not knowing where I belong
Or what destiny holds for me, Happiness or Misery.
I'm sorry if I hurt you
I just wasn't the vest for you
Hope you find the one true
Abdosh A Jan 2013
My mind gone haywire
By standing in this hour
Knowing I should be running
Rather then continuing my life the same
Self speech after speech
Yet no action takes reach
The longer it goes the more it grows
Is that whom i've come to be
Weakness taking over me,
Darkness without light is insanity
I must overcome the dark side
Temptations, mind influence manipulation
Masters of Puppets invasion
Acting lika sheriffs of a nation
Tempting only to control
Having their way through war
I'd rather keep strong
I'd rather stand tall
I will not break
I will not fall
Existing without living
I'd rather stop breathing
I was a person consumed and composed of whats around me but over time I've come to realize by thinking, understanding and past experience I was able to discover my self spiritually and physically and thankful to have this opportunity of maturing.
Abdosh A Jan 2013
Some stories are hard to understand
Some truth is hard to swallow
Some are based on knowledge
Others are a mind set followed
Somehow the more unbelievable
The more it happens to be real
You must see the significance with in
Rather than the closed opinions dimming
Across the lines of empty space
Where you can plant stars
Filled with memories & moments
A life worth embracing by willing to notice

Wisdom is a feature we all desire
Without establishing inner peace
You'll never get higher
Discover your self
Spiritually & logically
Living in peace with nature
Along with humanity
Abdosh A Dec 2012
To understand this empire
You must now its background
From where was it established
Was it destiny or planned out
To even connect and figure it out
With unknown facts scrambled out
Classified files that are burned out
Placed by what they want you to think
So you don't know what the story is all about
Theories that aren't proven, placed as an illusion
Thick walls all around & chains to our movement
Blocking our thoughts before even arousing questions
Squeezing the passion out before wanting to make a difference,
Consuming our very existence
Its a system that maintained control
From decades gone and maybe decades to go
Where all separated into comfort zones
Only because its easier to break our morals
Targeted individually from the moment of birth
Don't believe everything you see unless its fully clear
and what you know could only be half of what's real
Face Your Fear because the worst here is only a shadow of a spear
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