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Apr 22
I'm drunk
Like dionysus’ friends
Hazy stupor
On a friday night with no end

Gross debauchery
Flying high as a kite
Gonna crash tomorrow
Cause that's what I like

Don't console me
I made this choice alone
Like i always feel
When im holding my phone

Reliving the glory
Of my wildest endeavors
Time’s past
Its now gone forever


But who cares?!
I do, I just try and forget it
Crushing fear
Shot after shot on credit

Because fuck future
Cause it sucks
Like your mom
I dont know
I'm drunk

Cause im dope
Cause im on dope
And ill mope
Until im done

What i wrote
Is an ode to today’s array
Of depressing truths
Silver linings and sun rays

Hey numbnuts
Use your shitty brain
And get us out from
Under these refrains

Growing weary
People glaring
A hallucination,  right?
Or is it real
Is this all ruthless
Cruel hopeless reality

Whats the point of living if I've
Already lost whats worth living for
Take my heart,
Its a sight most sore
Worth as much as a fart


Slow descent into madness
A sinking, tar like blackness
from, the weapons of mass destruction
My selfish will to die
A cackling "I'

Written by
Zack  23/M/Atlanta
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