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Apr 2018
I'm drunk
Like dionysus’ friends
Hazy stupor
On a friday night with no end

Gross debauchery
Flying high as a kite
Gonna crash tomorrow
Cause that's what I like

Don't console me
I made this choice alone
Like i always feel
When im holding my phone

Reliving the glory
Of my wildest endeavors
Time’s past
Its now gone forever


But who cares?!
I do, I just try and forget it
Crushing fear
Shot after shot on credit

Because **** future
Cause it *****
Like your mom
I dont know
I'm drunk

Cause im dope
Cause im on dope
And ill mope
Until im done

What i wrote
Is an ode to today’s array
Of depressing truths
Silver linings and sun rays

Hey *******
Use your ****** brain
And get us out from
Under these refrains

Growing weary
People glaring
A hallucination,  right?
Or is it real
Is this all ruthless
Cruel hopeless reality

Whats the point of living if I've
Already lost whats worth living for
Take my heart,
Its a sight most sore
Worth as much as a ****


Slow descent into madness
A sinking, tar like blackness
from, the weapons of mass destruction
My selfish will to die
A cackling "I'

Written by
Zack  23/M/Atlanta
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