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Feb 2018
Handful of peace, I loved and I cried
Years of this ****, had everything, I died
It wouldn't go away, a disease
Torn in every direction, all I wanted a peace
Begged and pleaded God to give me a reason
My flaws are like an open season
He thinks he saved me, the look on his face
He has no idea that it's just a zombie in my place
I can't keep living like this, it's hell in my mind
Searched in space, my purpose I couldn't find
Everyone thinks it's self pity
I wish it was but this feeling is pretty ******
Understated I know, I'm just really ******* myself
I put everyone before me and my feelings on a shelf
I've tried everything to fix it
I was never really that strong; I just shifted
Family was never there, they wanted me to fall
I loved them even when they didn't deserve me at all
Everything I love is taken away from me
It's like I wasn't ever meant to be
There's really not much else to say
I still can't find a reason even to this day
I don't belong not even in space
Ever since that day there's been a zombie in my place
Stephanie Lorraine
Written by
Stephanie Lorraine  28/F/Bristol, Tennessee
(28/F/Bristol, Tennessee)   
   --- and cass
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