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Feb 2018
The candle flickers
A breath racked with agony

Slowly the darkness fades
A battle of wills

Darkness and light
Heaven and Hell

The flame died
A last breath drawn

Don't cry she pleads

Is it not what you wanted?

I gave you what you want.

It's not enough, is it?
You want to **** me more?

I was never meant to die
Slowly and painfully
A wish not granted.

It was not enough.
My tears fell
You saw deception

I cried out
You heard lies.

False promises
False claims.

Your eyes tortured
More than your actions.

Your taunts were not enough
The wound that bleeds
The heart yearns.

A soul burned out...

Not dead, extinguished.
Never to return.

She suffered,
Why not let her go?
I was feeling depressed when I wrote this.
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
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