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Mar 2018
Fearless, hateful, focused only on ripping others apart.
At least, that's the reputation.
But underneath that warlike facade, gentleness, justice.
Those deserving of a wrath so beast like, so morbid.
The wolves will tear them apart,
The owls will feast on their eyes.
Bloodshot, terrified, knowing all too well the story.
Behind the mask she puts on for the world,
Merely a girl, following orders, bringing the deserving to their knees.
Their lips forming words that beg her please,
Passionate as war, fragile as glass,
The girl with the fiery hair and paper mache mask.
Greek Goddess of the Underworld, known as the spirit for mad rage, and frenzies and rabies in animals.
She is portrayed as a Goddess of war, she cares deeply for her fellowships and does not afflict rage upon anyone who doesn't deserve it.
Britney Lyn
Written by
Britney Lyn  22/F/Michigan
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