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Jan 2018
I put it on once I wake up; looking at the mirror would be too painful.
Once I get to school, the mask greets everyone with a smile, letting everyone think that I’m having a good day in order to hide my cries of depression.
Everyone in school knows my mask. Everyone in school likes the mask. I like the mask too; it keeps my secrets away from everyone.
I sometimes ask myself if people would still like me the same if I took the mask off.
It’s scary.
Even tempting.
Nonetheless, the mask stays in the place it has always been, keeping at least five of my secrets away from everyone.
Once I get home, the mask greets my family with the same fake smile, and I keep it on because my family does not deserve the torture to know me.
If they saw my face, doubt would fill their eyes, for they would never be able to recognize me.
At the end of the day, once everyone is at a safe distance from me, I take the mask off, and I let the monster I am reveal itself through silent screams and unnoticed tears.
I finally let my body rest in sleep so that it can be ready to repeat the cycle tomorrow.
Marco Benitez
Written by
Marco Benitez
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