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Sep 2012
She eats the souls of those who offend, 
She fails never in the scene of combat, 
Her fangs glisten with the light of the moon, the stars and night belonging to her, 
Her sword of the second moon raised for battle, 
She will slay them all like cattle, 
Manners evade her so she will strike fast, 
She'll steal there souls, and read there past, 
Don't ever challenge the queen of moons, 
She holds a fierce and forceful will, 
She bathes in the winds gentle caresses, 
So silent she may roam, 
She is the moon and she is death, 
A lethal warrior, 
Slay you she will, 
Her steps like a velvet kiss of a feather, dastardly she is not, her blow could **** hundreds she has no mercy for those who unleash her wraith, 
She is the tigress of her jungle, she prowls late at night, strike with venomous hunger, tonight's your last night
Katlyn Orthman
Written by
Katlyn Orthman  19/F/Minnesota
   Sydney Victoria
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