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Nov 2017
Everyone knew
What we couldn't see
They placed bets
On what we couldn't feel
They were interventions
On something problematic we couldn't solve..
They had already chosen
What our hearts couldn't choose
They  saw you & I as "Us"
We saw us as just "You & I"
They said we were complicated
But we were just simply weird
They said we're In denial
Ya, we already knew deep down
You fell in love
As did I
They said we were perfect
That was true, for you
But not me
Your heart's a rockstar
Mine was in a million pieces
Everyone saw the light in you
As I lurked in the shadows
Everyone gave up on us
But not you
You believed in our fairytale
Everyone saw a ghost in me
As did you
I was soon too fade away
Written by
Graham  M/Lagos
   Fredrick Njoroge
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