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Oct 2017
Nestled back
on the cul-de-sac
within the jungled yard

In disrepair
sitting there
Showing all your scars

Left alone
Just boards and bone
Speak of your neglect

Shadowed Debris
From your last lessee
Your banshee dialect

Tiptoe approach
Tenderly encroach
Upon your property

The right touch
A friendly crutch
To lift this poverty

Skeletal remains
framework veins
Weighted in their silence

Times erosion
Your eclosion
Birthed from gall defiance

I'll restore this wood
Back to good
Preserving stories within

Robin Hood pieces
My extraction increases
Patches of woven skin
Stumblebum Fumbletongue
Written by
Stumblebum Fumbletongue  F
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