Oct 2017

You want to know the truth?

I lost a part of me that day
My body shutting down
As the convulsions started
I guess that's what happens Right?
Eighty two capsules of Tylenol
Dissolving rapidly in my stomach

As the seizures started
I broke my little brothers lamp
Crashing to the floor
muscle spasms kept me awake
Just long enough to think...

Think of my mistakes
And the reasons I wanted out
The flashes of your face
And the shades of your smiles

But till this day, I'll never forget
Not once was I afraid
Not once did I regret
I truly believed I was going to die
And I had accepted it

Sometimes I wonder
If a part of me did die that day
Left behind to wither away
Haunting me from time to time
Calling me to come back

And to be honest
I miss you old friend
But I still have things to do
So you'll have to wait a little longer
Before we can hold hands once more

Brandon Cotter
Written by
Brandon Cotter  28/M/Sparks, NV
(28/M/Sparks, NV)   
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