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Jul 2012
Verse 1
G                                               Em                     C   G C   G
Every time I look into your eyes I see paradise.......paradise.  
G                                                          Em   ­                                                      C     G  C                           G
Pleasure is a thing I know alot about, but its something I can do without.......If you wanted me to.

Em                      D                      G        ­                  C
I may sound crazy, that's probably because I am
C                                                 G
Yes I'm crazy, I'm crazy over you.
Em                    D                        G            ­                   C
And just maybe, if you were half as crazy about me
C                                                             ­                    G
Maybe then we could be crazy together for a while.

Verse 2
G                                                          Em  ­                                                         C   G   C                       G                               Every night when I'm lying in my bed thoughts are racing through my head....I can't stop thinking about you.
G                                          Em               ­                  C  G   C             G
When I finally do fall asleep, your face is all I see.....every night in my dreams.


Verse 3
G                                                              ­                                   Em                                            C   G    C
There isn't a single cell in your whole body that I don't love, and I thank the lord above......for allowing me
to spend some time with you.
G                                                           ­                                         Em                      ­                          C   G  C
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't sacrifice for your love, except for maybe my guitar......Because then I
couldn't play this song for you.


G                                  C        
­It's just these love battles
G                                 C
These love....struggles,
G                                   C
But now I have found you.
G                                        G7
I found my paradise, paradise.

G                                               Em                     C     G  C   G
Every time I look into your eyes I see a paradise.......paradise.
Feedback appreciated. Peace and love to all.
Will Mercier
Written by
Will Mercier
   DieingEmbers and CA Guilfoyle
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