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Oct 2012 · 626
Will Mercier Oct 2012
When you don the mantle of murderer
Two graves are dug.
One for your victim
And one for your soul.
Oct 2012 · 913
Make You Believe
Will Mercier Oct 2012
People mock children for believing in Santa Claus,
People mock the religious for believing in God.
If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with believing in something
That loves you and accepts you,
Whether you believe in them or not.
That is true love.
The suspension of doubt,
And the acceptance of the love that we deserve
That is at this very moment, trying to make you believe.
Sep 2012 · 1.3k
For Love Above All Else
Will Mercier Sep 2012
Pulling a punch is a sign of strength.
Brutality can be metted out
By nearly anyone,
A straight razor or a shotgun
Does not make a man strong.
Mercy is a virtue everyone should pursue,
For the merciful are bathed in grace,
And shall understand loves depths.
Mercy spreads as a contagious infection.
Leaders provide the example
That molds the lives of those who support
As well as oppose them.
Lifting up your enemies
Is a karmic synonym for making lifelong friends.
Around the bend is a better place for all of us,
An all inclusive, in-exclusive paradise
The entrance to which lies in your hand,
The kind touch you lend,
And your willingness to make a stand
For love above all else.
Sep 2012 · 1.3k
Trick Pony
Will Mercier Sep 2012
Say what?
She said,
And I said
She giggled,
And I blushed under my beard,
Wrote a song for her,
And burned it in my head.
"He's a one trick pony, I said.
I was talking to myself."
I pointed at the man in question,
Gracing the tabloid cover.
She laughed,
Cascading harps
Strummed by the wind.
Red hair,
Tied back,
Pink lips,
Freckled nose,
Gold and green eyes.
The check out girl who stole my soul.
Sep 2012 · 2.1k
Vodka And Hotdogs
Will Mercier Sep 2012
***** from the bottle,
Hot dogs from the package,
When your down and *****
The grotesque becomes magic.
Pawning a guitar for a pellet gun,
To procure breakfast.
Squirrel stew in the back of a scamper camper.
Spotlighting bullfrogs,
And mopping floors for a hot meal,
And a cold beer,
And a sympathetic ear.
Nights when the blacktop turned into void,
And the painted lines became a tightrope to nowhere.
Full circle,
Bangor to Frisco,
Any woman who was willing to sleep in the bed of a truck
Was a queen for as long as she stayed,
Always had **** concealed on me,
The copper piece of road currency,
To the gold and silver, of *** and gas.
The exchange rates would change overnight,
But syphon some gas at a truck stop
And it all will be alright.
Misspent youth, following bands
And getting lost along the way.
***** from the bottle,
And hot dogs from the package.
I haven't eaten a hotdog in years, and I don't miss those days.
Peace and love

Will Mercier Sep 2012
I was burning in my own torture chamber,
While you baked a pie and split it with your sister.
I never walked my own path, just where I was dragged.
You think I didn't eat salt and razorblades for breakfast?
The throbbing beat that is the cadance of my death
Is inaudible to you I suppose.
If go away is your mantra.
Excuse me,
I'll let you get back to meditating.
Sep 2012 · 975
Will Mercier Sep 2012
Did what I said this morning make it through?
Who is watching us,with the book of the dead tattooed on their skin?
Will you ever let me back in your trailer?
Can you make one for me, so I can make one for you at home?
Do you remember when your bootstrap broke,
And I broke down for you...The emotional shuttle crash?
Do you remember when I told you I was bad news,
And I would hurt you, and I was arrogant too?
Do you remember how many brownie points I still owe you?
Am I still someone you want around?
Should I leave you be, and never turn back?
What do you want from me?
Can I tell you what I want from you?
Sep 2012 · 929
Will Mercier Sep 2012
I hear talk, of the cruelty, and heartlessness of humans,
but I see things on a regular basis that disprove this.
There is no cruelty in a childs kiss, the gently caressed cheek
that puts a smile on your face.

But, today I saw the clincher,
a RIP sticker,
A Squirrel...
It hit me like a punch made out of "What the ****?"
I didn't know whether to smile and break into tears,
or shake my head in curmudgeony disbelief.
A memorial sticker for a road ****...

Would an animal do such a thing.
I think not. They'd eat the thing
or just as some leave it to rot.
A Road **** memorial sticker
is about the craziest compassionate thing I've seen...
Animals don't memorialize us when we die...
Of course, that's not true.
I remember my dad's old mangy bloodhound...
and how, after he died, she moaned everyday, at the time he used to come home from work.
For weeks she did it, just sitting  by the door
and moaning.
Until the sun set,
then she would slink and lie at the foot of his chair..
She died two months later.
And if that isn't mourning I don't know what is.
Maybe animals and humans aren't all that different,
we just mourn differently.
Will Mercier Sep 2012
I can remember the first time
I stepped through the mirror
into the Umbra.
crashing glass
into darkness.
Being propelled along by arms darting
from out of the darkness
squeezing and groping,
ripping off clothing.
Then came the mouths,
too many mouths to count,
it was maddening,
******* and licking
shoving and poking
endlessly forward
through a sensual gauntlet,
soon I was pushed to the floor
at soon I was being ******,
one after another, mounted by a horde
of hot flesh, gyrating,
hands probbing, and squeezing.
Gasping for air,
after mouth after mouth covers mine,
tongues tongues tongues tongues,
over and over again,
eyes bulging with maddening release.
Alk the while propelled forward,
the floor a conveyor belt,
and just when the pleasure becomes too much to take,
it all goes away,
and I'm dumped unceremoniuosly in a blinding white chamber,
surrounded by mirrors.
And As I crawl to my feet, naked and wet, sore and aching
I look up into the mirror,
and I see that
I am you...
That was the last time I stepped into the Umbra.
Sep 2012 · 1.5k
Will Mercier Sep 2012
I've met people that live their lives like a burning building,
All motion and light, excitement, smoke and fiery glow.
They mostly have wavy hair, like the constantly moving surf.
I'd like to think I am this kind of person,
For the allure they project,
But in the end, opposites don't attract,
Only opposite personalities.
If there are no similarities, then
Nothing will come of it.

I'm a gently flowing river,
Only when my temper melts the icecaps,
And the melt water rushes down,
Only then do I rage.
(Flash flooding on occasion)
A burning building and a river,
About as far apart as two personalities can go,
This goes to show you how this funky freaky universe works.
Cosmic soda jerks, making asteroid root beer floats,
***** floating through blackness,
Flaming and frigid stars and comets,
All spinning just right, to create this magnetic field
That drew me to you.

I meander and I have my rapids and waterfalls,
My shallow pools, and deep ravines.
But you rage with a fire that cannot be extinguished.
It is a marvel when we collide,
And together we make steam.
Sep 2012 · 954
The Future
Will Mercier Sep 2012
Mixed up messed up
wacky Yankee doodle world,
curled up in a ball
like an animal should,
its no good running guns
and popping and burning in your own hood.
Used to be bike chains and brassknuckles
A Filipino dude with a balisong,
but now its a Beretta in every waistline.
Machine pistol mean mugs
putting drugs above people
in the hierarchy of the streets,
cold blooded hits, where there used to be beating.
No wonder every Tom **** And Harry, is crying Apocalypse Now!
It's not over till everybody gets a chance to sing, take it all in.
Begin anew, step through, and claim the future you want for your great grand children.
Sep 2012 · 1.0k
How I Met Your Mother
Will Mercier Sep 2012
She was such a sweet thing.
Barely seventeen,
To my barely sixteen.
Steam was rising from the blacktop,
She was wearing a baby blue tube top
With shorts to match.

A little on the chubby side,
You know I like that,
Before I could think to kiss her
She kissed me.
Like a viper strike she was on me.
Fierce and deep.

Backed up in an alley,
I didn't have to dilly dally with my belt,
I left it on the balcony at Scramble's house.
She had her shorts down before I could blink.
Sunk, she slinked,
like my pants that pooled around my ankles

Standing I entered,
She pulled me in deeper,
Leapt up, wrapping her legs around me
And I held her up against the wall
And I drove my hammer home,
Each ****** a moan.

Rapidly increasing speed,
Infinite fulfillment of need,
You can call it greed,
The way she took my seed.
In that alley we hid and smoked ****,
My first child was conceived.

That day I knew she'd be my wife,
Kas came 9 months later,
A little pink beauty with crystal blue eyes.
I can't disguise the love I have for you,
It's true, there were many girls I had had before you,
You were the first one to make me wanna stay.

I lovd you,
This will be true long after the worms have their way with me.
I'll be weighting, for them to come mold cerulean seas
For the flag to be unfurled,
For your face and chest to be pearled,
For the end of the world,
By your side.
Sep 2012 · 3.2k
Will Mercier Sep 2012
Nobody got anywhere in this life
throttling bums,
and robbing hotdog vendors,
but a Saquatch eating a knish on top of a flipped bus
is a sight that sticks to the roof of your minds eye.
Let's eat caramel apples down by the seawall,
trade tall tales, and lizard scales,
run for the hills, but settle down in the shadow of the valley.
Prickly pear and agave nectar, nopal cactus fruit,
blended together, you can hardly taste the tequila.
I'll boost you onto the roof, and hand up my guitar,
and you'll help me climb up,
singing and chanting till the sun knocks us off the room,
we'll go pool hopping, with ski masks on,
and steal lawn ornaments,
and eat churros, and drink egg cream.
and kiss under the Brooklyn bridge.
I just gotta go throttle this ***
and rob this hotdog vendor.
If there isn't a sasquatch
I'll be home by the apocalypse.
Then we can get naked,
and set off the sprinkler system,
and dance in the halls.
Until the sun explodes,
and 2+2= 37.
Sep 2012 · 1.0k
Broken Down
Will Mercier Sep 2012
If it seems like my love has gone on holiday,
it not a slight or desertion,
I'm just trying to get the temperature just right.
To make you feel the way I feel when you make me laugh,
sigh, or tremble, because I cannot hold you at this moment.
You make me make noises a grown man shouldn't be making,
I can erase deep depression, with the impression of you stored in my album,
You open parts of my mind I thought had been welded shut.
I think of you at odd times, four in the morning,
drinking juice out of the carton,
because I live alone, and can do that,
I remember something you did for me,
and the juice tastes like your mouth.
I want you to have the crown jewels, I want you to sip champagne in paradise,
but all I have to give is these weathered memories,
and this brokendown soul, full of love
for you.
Will Mercier Sep 2012
I don't know what Jonas has been preaching,
There's a pigmie on the roof
And claymores in the kitchen.
I never rejected nothing
Cept when I was dazed and dazed and confused and confused
If I wanted to leave
I would use the door I saved for later
That leads out into the void.
I need to take a day away
Or breakdown and watch Casablanca all day long...
Because I thought it was a forever song I was singing,
But I'm out of tune,
And my rheumy eyes are liars,
And I want to christen my great granddaughter
But I'll be dead...
I just wanted my declarations to resound,
But in a town of disrespect
Chain link fences make for noisy neighbors.
I have every bit of it on the line for YOU.
I'll drop it,
But it will stand on end,
Like a trick quarter.
Four in the morning
Forty five caliber bullets blasting
I found myself in the backseat
Of a burned up police car.
Every thing is rotten,
Except the infantine seamstress
Who doesn't come out anymore,
Because you scar(r)ed her.
I just wish I could eat a bag of salt brine soaked
Ballpark peanuts, shells and all without having a **** stroke.
I wish I could, smoke, without Jiminy Cricket, calling my doctor,
And the red squad arriving with the straight jackets,
And the bear mace.
I can't project the rigght radiation,
I get that, but its not for lack of dying.
So this is my death letter, to be read to my reincarnated infant self
Twenty three times, by twenty four different people,
I want a life size wax model of Eeivel Keneival
To throw rice at me thrice
Once for each marriage,
But on the third throw wild rice
Because that is what I think of when I think of you.
The burglar ate my begging strips
And the ravenous dog
Is getting impatient....
I've seen the truth in the darkness of the soldier core.
Why not open the gate to abracadabra land,
Give me a list of your one thousand forms
In code of course,
And I will pay the piper
So he can finally change this doggone song.
Sep 2012 · 1.2k
Will Mercier Sep 2012
She wields amazement and elation
Like William Wallace wields a ******* sword,
With brutality and precision,
The only decision that is certain
Is that I want her to know that she is special.
A carefully chosen photo, and a death by a thousand caresses,
It's the little things that pile up like sonderkommando stack bodies,
Until, in a holocaust of pleasure, I feel her everything completely.
In other words,
She is the one for me.
Sep 2012 · 1.1k
Will Mercier Sep 2012
That coffin nail smile
All the while it never broke.
**** after ****, we took the plant apart,
As if the night was a chocolate cake,
And we knew it wouldn't last.
Cast of with a flick of the hand,
They were like that ash,
They never understood,
It was never any good.

But you were so good Betty.
That ***** blond mop,
The halter top,
And that coffin nail smile,
All the while, it never broke.

They say, you had it on your face still,
When they pulled you out of the wreck,
A few teeth short, bloodied,
But intact.

I beat myself up over it,
Its a horror,
What four hours can do.
To have the world wrapped up in a piece of bambu,
Twenty-two records, without a single skippable song,
A plant in full bloom,
A room with a you...

I saw the *******, two months later,
Drinking himself to death,
In the Orlando international airport lounge.
******* on an olive, and sobbing on your picture.
I wanted so much to strangle him
Until his eyes popped out of his head,
Until he was he made you.
But I figured...he was doing a good enough job on his own,
So I left him alone.
I'll never forgive him though...
He's been dead twenty years now,
But I'll never forgive him...
For hitting that guardrail at ninety...
And for walking away, with a broken collar bone,
While you...
Oh Betty,
You were so ******...

Why didn't you stay that night,
Stay with me...

You didn't...

Oh, Betty...
Why did you leave us like that,
Why did you leave me...
Sep 2012 · 1.2k
Can A Fella Get A Convoy?
Will Mercier Sep 2012
They're setting up roadblocks,
And throwing down spike strips,
But I have a cargo that's gonna make it through!
Ain't hauling apples, chickens, or farm equipment.
I'm hauling one big honking load
Of energy and innovation.
Smokey's hot on my trail,
And he wants to" barbecue my *** in mollases"
But he ain't gonna stop me,
I'm gonna smash through those barricades.
I'm hauling a special load,
Full of wisdom and knowledge.
Passing car after car, campers and dump trucks,
But none are hauling half the load I got.
Intellectual assets weighing down my trailer,
I blow through the weigh stations.
Can't get anyone on the citizens band,
All I got is static.
So I keep on rolling down this lonesome road,
Hauling this heavy load.
Aug 2012 · 2.7k
Even As I Write These Words
Will Mercier Aug 2012
Hers was the first face I found
freshman year at FSU.
I'll always remember that garish orange and green gator shirt,
and pin with the picture of a bulldog,
hanging from a noose.
I thought, oh Jeez, she's got school spirit,
and I shuddered at the image,
of cheerleaders, and sports stars, recieving preferential treatment,
but my first impression was far from the mark.

She had a smile for miles and eyes to match.
And a laugh that could shatter a frown.
And she laughed any chance she got.
The few pictures I have left of her,
she is laughing and smiling in each...
That big toothy smile,
and that magical laugh...

I remember the first time she kissed me.
I was playing my guitar on campus,
back when everybody did it,
not just pretentious *******
trying to show off.
She came up behind me,
and did the old hands over the eyes routine,
and of course I knew her voice immediately.
She turned my head and kissed me,
for the first time,
and I could hear the whispering,
and feel everyone's eyes on me,
and it felt pretty **** good.
How I wished someone had snapped a picture,
for the FSView, with the caption
" Future valedictorian kisses scruffy hippy freshman.
Entire student body baffled."

I was baffled.

She was the talk of the campus,
she spoke her mind always,
and she was active all over the campus,
doing this and that.
I asked her one day,
"Why do you make your life so complex,
when do you rest?"
and she said
"My life used to be complex, because I made it that way.
But believe it or not, with all I do around campus,
really my life is simple and fun. If I didn't love what I am doing
I would stop Will. Life is too short for complexity."

I laughed, and I thought to myself,
this woman is more complex than she lets on.

We went out for my entire freshman year,
but she graduated my sophmore year,
and she got a job in London, and she moved away that summer.
I said I would visit...I never did..
She said she would write...she did, once,
to tell me she was getting married,
she even invited me, but of course I didn't go..
She enclosed a photo of her and her fiance,
and it was clear what she saw in him..
he had a smile almost as big as hers,
and of course she was smiling too..
Of all the images burned into my memory
that picture is the one that hurts me most.

I wrote back, wishing her luck, and I told her I couldn't come,
I never heard from her again, but I prayed that night,
that he would treat her right, and if he took away her smile,
I prayed he would suffer, until he put it back.

Every time I close my eyes, I see that picture...
that smile...
I hope she's smiling, even as I write these words.
Aug 2012 · 826
You're So Heavy
Will Mercier Aug 2012
I remember your scent,
In the Gold Star hotel,
Abbey road on the record player,
I fell in love with you, through that album,
I love it nearly half as much as I do you,
Which is far more than I love myself.
I still have a copy in vinyl,
But the original warped, and wouldn't play right anymore,
I find myself listening to I want you (She's so heavy)
And I can almost feel your touch in the bass line,
Your lips in the lead guitar, your body in the drumbeat.

We come together in my mind,
And I become old flattop,
And there is Something about you,
My mind will always return to,
Until The End,
When golden slumbers fill my eyes.

Oh, Darling!
Protect me with your silver spoon,
I want to be with you under the sea.
I see no future, can't pay no rent.

Don't be quizzical Joan,
My hammer is poised,
And I shaved in the dark,
Because I don't make enough paper,
At the polythene factory.

I see you rise in my mind,
Like the sun comes,
And I become the Sun King,
And admire Her Majesty.

Don't **** your thumb and wonder.
I love you still.
Aug 2012 · 754
Will, You Touch Me
Will Mercier Aug 2012
I tried to reach you through the scotch fog,
But there were so many **** bodies,
And this **** VW bus is broke down again,
And the blue lights are blinding my inhibitions.

Will you touch me,
While I burn this ****** thing,
The living walls are breathing,
And I need you to guide my hands,
The ether tremble, is floating in my breath,
And If you touch me, I will explode...
Will you touch me.

Your beautiful back bites best, like a beast,
It both cripples and cures,
Your strength shines from your shoulders,
And I can't get this **** bus started without you.
And everybody is laughing and complaining.

You touch me,
She said.

But this hazey maze, of brown liquor
Has me reaching blind.

Will you touch me?

The light can't recognize your face,
My clothing is intoxicated,
And your voice shifts in and out.
Take my hand,
So we can start this **** bus.
Aug 2012 · 1.8k
Hiding Pipes
Will Mercier Aug 2012
I'm not a great man,
I've been here and there, and I've learned a lot.
Like how not to get shot,
And where to buy ***.
I've bent every misdemeanor law,
Some would call me a libertarian,
I say democracy is a farce,
Keep your vote, and leave me out of it.
Most of what I know is useless idiosyncratic observation.
For instance,
I know how many days it takes to hide 73 pipes, and other miscellaneous paraphernalia.

My father was raised in the depression,
He refused to let us throw anything out,
And we had a chest of drawers, full of old junk.
Watches without bands, and any piece of scrap paper,
That had free space on it. Last years receipt, dry cleaning tickets, etcetera...
It rubbed off on me,
And I hate throwing anything out.
I don't buy new stuff, until the old stuff goes bust.
I had a 10 pound Toshiba satellite, for 8 years,
Until the plug jack came loose, and I fried the sucker.

So when my doctor told me I had to quit smoking...
I had forty plus years of accumulated paraphernalia.
I gave a pipe, to friends who were interested,
But it wasn't enough.

I hear you saying it now,
"You irresponsible old lunatic!"
And you're right, but I look at it a little different.
You might call it promoting lawlessness,
I say a law that is obsolete should be repealed.
Walk down the street, you'll see the dime bags,
and blunt wrappers everywhere.
No need to promote something that will happen anyway.

Teens will smoke, so I hid a bunch near high schools.
Up at Rutgers, I hid one in ten different buildings,
A few outside of the police station, and the courthouse,
And one in the bushes of my ****** neighbor.
Any place I could think of, I hid a pipe.
Rebellion be ******, I did it because I felt good,
Like a simple *******,
A stolen cherry, in the supermarket.


Crime isn't cool kiddies,
But, as long as you steer clear of felonious activity,
They won't send you to real **** ****** jail.
Even your grandma, probably jaywalks from time to time.
Oh if you stumble on one of my pipe hiding spots,
Don't touch it until your old enough.
Aug 2012 · 1.2k
Vicks, Trips, And Wax Lips
Will Mercier Aug 2012
Am     E    G
Turn   it   down.
           Am      E             G
There's no time to clown around.
Em                     G
Don't spill any beer,
        Em                             G             (G string bass note, and  strummed chord x3)
And pass another can over here.
Am        E            G
Make   Up  Your mind.  
Am.          E            G
Do.. you want to find God?
Em                 G
I've seen his face
       Em                                    G.                        (­G string bass note, and  strummed chord x3)
He's breathing hard, like a runner in a race.

Am        E            G
Turn     off    the light
Am      E                G
Its       time to say goodnight.
    Em                     G
The roads are all clear,
             Em                       G    (G string bass note, and  strummed chord x3)
And we haven't got a care.

C.            G
Get.....  Ready...
        C              ­     G
And pack... your bags...
             C                  G
You're in.... for the best trip...
C              G    (G string bass note, and  strummed chord x3)
Of...your life.

Am      E              G
I......   can't go on this way
Am            E          G
Each and every ******* day
Em                             G
I think I need some-one
            Em                              G   (G string bass note, and  strummed chord x3)
To help show.. me... the way
I wrote this when I was sixteen,  so the vocal may seem odd for me. Since someone reached out and showed me the way already. It is one of the first songs I ever wrote, when I first learned these rudimentary chords. The new layout makes it ten times harder to post songs. Putting in periods, and capitalizing...Since when do poems require periods, and capitals at the start of a line?
Peace and Love,

Will Mercier Aug 2012
Everyone wants to just stick it in the hole,
And pound the pin in,
Ask them to tie some nylons with their hands,
And they're all pinkies.
Kids these days,
Can't even play an F chord,
Three string chords
And verse chorus verse,
It gets worse every year.
Thank the lord above, that guitar geeks are born periodically,
To make that thing neigh, like a Bad Horsie,
And prove, a three piece garage band can still rock the block.
For every one hundred and fifty parttime power chord players, hiding their lack of practice behind digital effects,
And excessive distortion,
There's one Jimmy Hendrix or Dimebag Darrel born.
I see the brows furrowing now,
As you wonder, how does this geezer know about Dimebag?
Just because I prefer the feel and vibration, of a classical guitar in my arms,
Doesn't mean I don't Listen to Sabbath,
and I was a Dime bag fan in the seventies.
Power chords are fine by me,
It makes my tutoring sessions, much easier,
I don't even bother trying to convince them that there are more chords,
Unless, they have that thing about them.
That little floating sign that says
"You are special",
Or the eight year old,
Who mysteriously has thick callouses on his fingers,
Even though he never picked up a guitar before.
What I'm trying to say is,
There is nothing wrong with the kids these days.
I hated learning my scales too.
Rock and roll is here to stay,
As long as the next Hendrix isn't
This isn't meant to make anybody feel bad. If you have gone through an abortion, that is your own choice, and I'm not judging nobody. Just saying, you never know who that child may become.
Peace and Love to all.

Aug 2012 · 1.6k
Will Mercier Aug 2012
He cups the bowl
With a pocket bible,
Pulls in a few more short gasps,
Trying to fill every last inch
Of the fleshy air sponge in his chest.
He rises up, as his lungs expand,
And puts down the pipe,
Caressing the tiny bible in his hands,

He smiles...
A gray-white rose unfurls from his lips.

He slides the pipe across the table,
I turn it down...
I am only twelve.

"Suit yourself"
He says...
His voice like vaseline on silk...
A hair mussing, makeup smearing,
***** tearing voice.
I think,
'Man, I would **** to have a voice like that.'

"Me...I love the stuff. That's what its all about."
He says.

"That's what what's all about?"
I stammer.

He smiles,
And I shiver involuntarily,
As if waves of cool radiate from that smile.
This guy was a small town demigod,
Mind you.

The coolest car,
The blackest leather jacket.
He was the front man
For a local rock band,
And all the girls wrote his name in their notebooks,
With little hearts, and declarations of their love.

"Life, man, life.
If you like killing, or kissing,
Smoking or *******,
Do it.
If you do you will stay loose.
You stay loose , you be cool.
You be cool, the world is gravy,
You dig?
Life is a custom Mustang
Made just for you.
You got to ride that some of a *****,
Until you run out of gas.
So always take the roads
that lead to things you love,
And forget what the road signs say...
Make your own detours."

Four months later,
He was killed in a car wreck.
He was drinking wild turkey,
While getting road head.
They found a half ounce of grass
In his hip pocket.
The girl walked away with nothing worse
Than a broken arm.
They couldn't repair the red and pink glass shredded mess of his face...
His funeral was closed casket, and I didn't go.

The next day I spent the money I was saving
For a ten speed, on a used, Washburn acoustic guitar.
After all...I already had a set of wheels, that I was born with.
I hopped behind the wheel that day,
And since then, I have lived my life, my way.
I've had enough downs,
To prove my decision making skills are flawed,
But I followed my joy, and the things I love,
And I have no regrets...
Hell, I'm still alive,
And I ain't ran out of gas yet.;=bFk5_beD67w≷=US

Peace and love,

Aug 2012 · 1.1k
Paranoia Plays Pretty Rough
Will Mercier Aug 2012
There's a hearse next door,
but I don't know who its for.
The driver is wearing a midnight black derby,
and a midnight black sports coat.
Its plain to see, he's not in a hurry i
I hope its not my fault.

There's an officer at my door,
he has a warrant,
my house he'd like to explore.
There's a goat's head in the tub.
it's invisible.

The rats are building bombs in the walls,
I can hear eggtimers ticking, as I walk through the halls,
sinister squeaking, and cracks in the plaster,
from "The Seventeen dead!" M-80 disaster.
The exterminator says I'm bonkers,
but he runs a white slave ring in Yonkers.

You call me paranoid,
from collected chemical indiscretions,
and laugh as I keep peeking out the blinds,
but even if you don't see them,
they're coming from all directions.
They will get you too, in time.

Maniacs are Golden,
that's why God loves them so much,
they're the only ones that keep in touch,
with both him,
and the Devil.
Maniacs are Golden.
Cut them open and see.
Jul 2012 · 551
Nard Is Dead
Will Mercier Jul 2012
Am                           G            Cmaj7    E
In the kingdom of Fenrey, a tale is told
Am                    G                  Cm7                ­        E
of tyrannical king, who ruled the kingdom of old
Am                     G                 Cm7                    E
Nard was his name, and warfare was his game
Am                              G                         Cm7                 E
sent so many of his people to death, its such a shame

E                     G               E             Am
But, Nard is dead, his people rejoice
E                      G                   E
he lost his head, he didn't have any choice

Am                         G                   Cm7             E
Late one winter night, in the palace of the king
Am                           G                        Cm7                     E
Nard's son Prince Zard, slipped into his room and beheaded him
Am                           G                       Cm7                     E
Oh look there goes Nard's head, rolling down the stairs
Am                         G                  Cm7               E
and It comes as no surprise, that no one cares.

E                     G               E             Am
That Nard is dead, his people rejoice
E                      G                   E
he lost his head, he didn't have any choice

Vocal solo, with Verse chords, for eight measures,
(one verse length)

E                     G               E             Am
But, Nard is dead, his people rejoice
E                      G                   E
he lost his head, he didn't have any choice
I'm not going to say that this was inspired by ex-president Bush, but... ;)

Peace and Love,

Jul 2012 · 1.9k
Farmer Giles Of Ham
Will Mercier Jul 2012
E             G           Am
Farmer Giles of Ham
E             G                Am
Was just an ordinary man.
E                      G                  Am  
But when a giant came to destroy the village
E                    G                   Am
Giles ran outside and shot that giant in the nose
and don't you know, that giant never came back to Ham
Am      E
Ever again

E                                Am
He's farmer Giles of Ham
E                              G
farmer Giles of Ha am am
he's just an ordinary man.

E              G                     Am
The evil dragon Chrysophylax
E               G                    Am
was terrorizing the countryside
E               G                    Am                          
king Augustus sent a messenger to Ham, he said
E               G                    Am
"Giles he's our man, and if he cant do it
no one can. Fetch me the farmer,
Am                       E
farmer Giles of Ham

E                                Am
He's farmer Giles of Ham
E                              G
farmer Giles of Ha am am
he's just an ordinary man.

E                    G                 Am
With his coat made of iron rings
E                     G                  Am
and the sword given to him by the king
E                     G                   Am                
Giles went to the dragons lair that day
E                       G                    Am              
Poor dragon had to give its whole hoard away
and as you can imagine that made the dragon
Am               E
very very mad

E                                Am
At farmer Giles of Ham
E                              G
farmer Giles of Ha am am
he's just an ordinary man.

E                        G                  Am
Giles later went on to be the king
E                         G                        Am
but he didn't forget his friends i Ham
E                                          G                                  Am
when he moved into castle he brought them all along
E                             G                 Am
he even brought his talking dog, and if you recall the dog,
Am                            E
the dogs name is Gram

E                                Am
At farmer Giles of Ham
E                              G
farmer Giles of Ha am am
he's just an ordinary man
This is one of Alice's favorite stories. Farmer Giles of Ham, By J.R.R. Tolkien.
This is for you hyena girl. :p
Peace and love

Jul 2012 · 1.6k
Abstract Love
Will Mercier Jul 2012
Forbidden fruits hidden in the roof
of my mind
Its time to set fire to the mimes
Larcenous pursuit of greater acclaim
than is taped and pasted to your brain.
Dripping copper pipes cold in the November light
bright shadows gently crush the fabric of unreality.
Love is a howitzer
it can **** alot of people
quickly and often.
Love is a pool of amniotic fluid,
it sustains and cushions, and soothes with warm comfort.
Cardboard cutouts of cutthroat gangsters with gout,
flout societies mores, with Cuban cigar smoke synthesis.
Awaiting the dinnerbell.
Jul 2012 · 407
Tell Me
Will Mercier Jul 2012
D             G                D                   G
Tell me.....tell me, what is that you want?
D              G                 D                 G
Tell me.....tell me, what is that you need?
D              G                 D                G
Is there something that I have got?
D                 G                D                  G
Or is there..someone else that you need?
           E                                  A
You'd better open up your eyes
                 E                                    A
and you'd better open up your mind
             E                                 A
you'd better open up your heart
E                   A
before it is too late.
D             G                D                      G
Tell me.....tell me, when will you realize?
D              G                 D                                       G
Tell me.....tell me, when will you open up your eyes?
D              G                 D                              G
And, and all that your life could be.
D                G                D                    G
Tell­ me......tell  me, when will you realize?
F                C                    G
I would jump into the abyss.....
F                 C                    G
All that I'd need is your kiss.....
F                            C                      G
T­here's nothing that I wouldn't do.....
F                      C                   G
If you would only ask me too.........
D             G                D                   G
Tell me.....tell me, what is that you want?
D              G                 D                 G
Tell me.....tell me, what is that you need?
D              G                 D                G
Is there something that I have got?
D                 G                D                  G
Or is there..someone else that you need?
D                     G                 D                 D
Tell me....Tell me......Tell me......Tell me....
D                 G            D           G            D
Tell me..............Tell me...............Tell me
An older one, but I still like it. Sort of reminds me of a Cat Stevens tune. My old lady used to like it.
Peace and love to you all.
Jul 2012 · 1.2k
I Feels Transcendent
Will Mercier Jul 2012
D                                G           A                        D            
I wish I could show you, just how much I love you
        G                     A                    G                    A        
My words are not enough, my music is not enough,
G                           A                        D
Nothing is enough, our love is transcendent.
G                                  A               ­       D                         G
I wish that you could understand, just how much I need you
C                                                 G
You are my sunlight and my air...
C                                                 G
you are my love beyond compare...
C                                             G
this kind of love its just unfair...
             A                                D                 G              
But what can I do, I'm so happy with you,
D                                                           ­    A
I wish that there was more that I could say
            G                      A                D
I'm no poet, but you love me anyway.
D                          G              A              ­          D            
I wish I could show you, just how much I love you
        G                     A                    G                    A        
My words are not enough, my music is not enough,
G                           A                                  D
Nothing is ever enough, our love is transcendent.
This is a work in progress. Hope you enjoy. Peace and love all.
Jul 2012 · 1.2k
Paradise Found
Will Mercier Jul 2012
Verse 1
G                                               Em                     C   G C   G
Every time I look into your eyes I see paradise.......paradise.  
G                                                          Em   ­                                                      C     G  C                           G
Pleasure is a thing I know alot about, but its something I can do without.......If you wanted me to.

Em                      D                      G        ­                  C
I may sound crazy, that's probably because I am
C                                                 G
Yes I'm crazy, I'm crazy over you.
Em                    D                        G            ­                   C
And just maybe, if you were half as crazy about me
C                                                             ­                    G
Maybe then we could be crazy together for a while.

Verse 2
G                                                          Em  ­                                                         C   G   C                       G                               Every night when I'm lying in my bed thoughts are racing through my head....I can't stop thinking about you.
G                                          Em               ­                  C  G   C             G
When I finally do fall asleep, your face is all I see.....every night in my dreams.


Verse 3
G                                                              ­                                   Em                                            C   G    C
There isn't a single cell in your whole body that I don't love, and I thank the lord above......for allowing me
to spend some time with you.
G                                                           ­                                         Em                      ­                          C   G  C
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't sacrifice for your love, except for maybe my guitar......Because then I
couldn't play this song for you.


G                                  C        
­It's just these love battles
G                                 C
These love....struggles,
G                                   C
But now I have found you.
G                                        G7
I found my paradise, paradise.

G                                               Em                     C     G  C   G
Every time I look into your eyes I see a paradise.......paradise.
Feedback appreciated. Peace and love to all.
Will Mercier Jul 2012
Verse 1
C                                       G
You find yourself by the railroad tracks
Am                                               Em             G
You can't look ahead, but you can't turn back
C                                            G
You eat your faith and you burn your lust
Am                                               Em            
They are two things you don't need anymore.

G                                               ­                          Am
When will they see, its just another way of seeing it?
G                                                            ­ Am                Em      G
Maybe they'll see someday. But by then it will be far too late.

C                                             G
The dust it rises into your eyes
Am                                             Em         G
but you shed no tears, your eyes are blind
C                                         G
Your wanderlust has broken your mind
Am                                              Em          ­       G
you're all out of time, and you can't reset the timer


Am       C          G
Tired of their criticism
Am      C        G
you try to conform.
Am     C           G
But in the end they find out
Am                 C                                G
they were the ones who were really wrong
Don't listen to them. No, No.

Verse 3
C                                                      G
Your face was always such a welcome sight
Am                           Em             G
especially when I could not see it.
C                                        G
We wen't outside, you passed me the light
Am                          Em          G
we let our cares fade into smoke

Just a rough draft. Comments appreciated. Peace and love all.

— The End —