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Oct 2017

she. what are u listening to?
me.  melancholy song writers broken love tunes

she. ugh.  why?

me.  wanted to see how deep into the bed
I could sink,
till you came a looking to
play with me, my spirits to raise,
a game of capture the flag

Aural vs. Oral

her night dress rides up,
I awake to an
undressed waist and thigh,
and take advantage of the pomp & circumstance,
cause i believe whole heartedly in
waiste not

as  tongue performs its repertoire of magic tricks,
i.e. reciting poems,
to the standard whelps and yelps of oh its just you,
keep hearing little tiny whispers but not
those accustomed sweet nothings

turns out she is listening to her book,
quite the mesmerizer,
on her new cordless earbuds which are
tablecloth covered by her blondini tresses

nah. applauded her multimedia tasking,
but took it as a challenge,
efforts redoubled

she didn't seem to mind

now she wakes me up to show me
* she has her cordless earbuds in*  


Ordering Coffee

weekends, get coffee in bed
in my 19 oz. porcelain cup from Toronto,
standing order is:
fill it to the rim, extra cream

she says.  
isn't ironic,
that is exactly what I
charge for coffee

**in advance
Written by
ogdiddynash  M/Ant-hard-ica
       acacia, Xallan, ---, ---, Lure Pot and 13 others
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