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Oct 2018
I'm laying in bed
Trying to sleep


Trying to find the silence that my mind won't grant me
Trying to find the peace of mind that will let me close me eyes
Trying to stop thinking
     All the terrible things I just love to think about

I can't
For my mind hates me
It tries to destroy me on a daily basis

I have no control over the thoughts that run by
The theories that develop
Or the horrors that I can't seem to forget

My mind tells me I am doomed for eternity
****** to hell for the things I've done

Although my mind isn't convinced that there is a god
Not yet
We're still working on it

When I try to tell myself that
Everything is going to be OK
My mind laughs
And begins to brainstorm

The storm is an uncontrollable
Thrashing of terror
Of nightmares and scared

My mind never stops the torment
Never ceases to amaze
Never stops to think about me


I'm back in the dark again
My mind flashes back to where I am
I can't seem to figure out what I am supposed to be doing

Nothing new

My mind can be distraction sometimes
Written by
       Rick the shoe shine boy, nooneknoes and go away
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