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  Feb 14 BrooklynMae
i wanna be a dinosaur
buried within the planet's core

i wanna die and decompose
so you could find my dino bones

i wanna be a dinosaur
preferably an herbivore

i do like meat; it's good for you
but fish are friends and dinos too

i wanna be a dinosaur
to only die by meteor

i wanna die and decompose
so i can help the future grow 

i wanna make the earth tremor
cause nothing here is forever 

you only echo if you roar
so be a ******* dinosaur
BrooklynMae Feb 13
Don't forget about me
When the sun sets
And the moon comes out to play

For the light of the moon
Is just the reflection of the sun
BrooklynMae Jan 23
I have a list
A list?
Yes a list

I have a list
Of all the guys
That I have dissed

The guys that have "loved" me
And have wronged me
And left me feeling ******

I've ditched these guys
And switched these guys
And then put them on the list

I've cut them off from my life
Added 'em to my list
Never heard from again

Now here's a ******* twist

Yeah you
You're headed towards the list

You say you regret it
I say you don't get it
So here's the ******* gist

You don't get me
You don't know me
You can't tell me
You can't show me

You will



Get me
Or it
And for that I must insist

You needn't listen
You needn't learn
I'll just add you to the list

I am not some prize to win
I am not some good to buy
And I am not going to fall for
Just any decent guy

And here's the part
I think you really have missed
This is about you, not me
And clearly not my list

You think that you're slick
Immune from my list
Because we were close
And we were friends
You think you have me by the wrist

You think you are the farthest thing
From making it to the list

But what you really are getting
Is my ******* fist

I wish there was a way
For us to coexist
But there's not
So for now
You just made the list
Jeep ******
BrooklynMae Jan 18
I love him
I always will
But they said no
No to our love
And we listened
We followed as we do
We let them win
Or think so
Because for now
They have
BrooklynMae Jan 18
My life is a constant roller coaster
But it is anything but constant

Always taking the most unpredictable and sharp turns
Changing course and paths on a whim

The vacillation of heart racing and stomach twisting
Always keeps me on my toes

Yet I enjoy the ride while I can
I yearn for the drops, and the flips and the flops

But more than anything I hope for the stop
For the day when I can get off

When my life has found its rhythm
And I have found my rhyme
And you are finally mine
BrooklynMae Dec 2018
Don' t lean back
The room is gonna tip again

I'm O.K.
Or at least I keep tellin him that

As the ice melts in my glass
The warmth in my stomach grows

The phone rings
I've sent one too many texts tonight
But one call can't do any harm
Besides, I miss him

The cup in my hand
Sweats with each sip

I only think about finishing the bottle

Now that I think about it
Is probably the wrong answer
BrooklynMae Nov 2018
It's been real
It's been fun

But it hasn't been real fun

Please get up
Please get out
Please don't slam the door
Or shout

You were great
The *** was great

But it's time for work
And you're gonna be late

I need to relax
In my bed alone

Thanks for staying
But you should've gone home

I don't know what you thought this was
But I think I may have misspoke because

Last night was cool
And I'm glad you came
But now that it's over
I've forgotten your name
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