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Sep 2017
When nobody thought that your words
Were worth a dime  
still remember that
The world needs poets

When she lost her child
But still Clinging on her remains
and the once beauty eyes are now pale
and words stuck on her throat
You'll remember that
The world needs poets

When you got down on one knee
and the look on her face
rendered you speechless
You'll know that
The world needs poets

When the world is burning
democracy on trial
and your rights assumed
You'll wish that
The world knew a poet

When your heart bleeds
and memories suffocate you
cause every season is like winter without him
and a voice inside you asks
"did you think being a lover was easy"?
then you'll know that
Only a poet can answer that question
Written by
         ---, ---, RAJ NANDY, ---, Gyuwon and 54 others
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