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Jun 2012
Work with me
turn the key
that opens
the personality
hiding inside
so cleverly
with me
with me
another time
with me
The world
won’t wait
for us
to figure
this out
It’s moving on
spiraling off
to new space
matter dripping
from its face
atoms bursting
without a trace
And grace
was something
said at meals
back before
the blinders
were left behind
Unhinging the soul
releasing the mind
Now it’s time
to sing the song
of the ancients
Wake the dead
with life
Feed the hungry
with floral wisdom
It’s alive and well
inside us all
Embrace the walk
Abandon the crawl
There’s no points
for hiding under covers
Face the day
there is no other
No out
No magic pill
The thrill
is in the knowing
the awareness
**** fairness
Pay attention
you’re on a mission
and you’re failing
Failing to connect
to respect
your self
the hidden secret
behind this mystery
You are the answer
can’t you see
is a button up shirt
and you missed a button
You always
feel you’re missing
because you are
Now turn off your mind
and find
(c) June 2012
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
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