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C Phillips Mar 2013
Take me back
to when you
were the warmth that radiated beneath my heartbeat
and raised me high like a hot air balloon

                     before we had
                    to untangle our
now memories are petals i peel away
one by one,
       as i keep cutting my heart on
                  the green-ness that
                             memories are not the stories of today,
                                 we are not the stories of today.
C Phillips Feb 2013
I've spent so long
searching for you,

I've lost myself.
C Phillips Feb 2013
I miss the
weighted love
that only kept my heart
in the sun.
C Phillips Feb 2013
Poetry allows me
to scream loudly
without opening my mouth
C Phillips Jan 2013
i keep tracing back along the trail
where we left our pounding heartbeats,
filling my heart to the brim with love

because today,
has room for you
and some for me
but no room,
for us.
C Phillips Jan 2013
Cannot part with

or the blade, so it seems.
C Phillips Jan 2013
      your eyes just

   and each time,
  I feel
I'm right at home.
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