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Aug 2017
the isle meets us gruffly,
ferry over rough seas, meaner winds,
bay size puddling lakes
a/k/a localΒ Β flooding,
roads littered with tree debris,
all saying an uncoded message:

"see humans, you come to stay only with my forbearance"

But I know that familiar voice, disguised as nature,
a first derivative of the alpha of that god who comes,
torturing me with requests for forgiveness

I am nature too, I am human nature,
and I too,
am not in a forgiving mood, and one-word reply:


the ugly skies ease off and
next morn,
an August beauty provided

but I am neither assuaged, bought off, forgetting,
address the hiding-in-disguise master of the universe:

"you trifle with us as if we could not count, keep tabs,
and weary be at the newest sabbath carnage never ending

give me storms, keep your glories,
fell trees, drown us, if it pleases,
we are neither perfect nor innocent
but take impotent responsibility

set us not one against the other,
there, here, Charlottesville,
keep your false free choice that
always comes with a wink and nod,
a little nudge, and exclaims of humans doing your work

I light a candle
not to you,
but for you
and be terrified
when I no longer do

Aug. 19, 2017
12:14 pm
Written by
onlylovepoetry  tween the heart and NYC
(tween the heart and NYC)   
       J, ---, ethan gaskill, gooliyyer, Bluepetal and 9 others
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