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Aug 2017
I don’t think people realize how much love takes.
Its more than time, and a little patience and loyalty.
Love is a lifestyle.
Its how you talk,
how you walk down a street,
its how you live your life.
I have a talent for coming across broken hearts.
And I know I have the power to change all of that.
I can be there for you in the middle of the night when you can’t breathe
and you feel like everything around you is crashing.
I can cook you meals and rub your back.
I can love you to sleep and have you wake up to me stroking your hair, ready to give even more.
Show even more.
Guide you just a little bit more.
I'll be your friend,
your partner in crime,
your packmate,
your mother.
Anything you need.
But I can’t promise you forever.
They don’t realize that.
I can’t promise one day I won’t change my mind.
I can’t promise every day I'll look at you
like you’re the best thing thats ever happened to me.
I’ve broken more than one heart.
And I hate it.
What’s love if it isn’t forever?
Why give all of me in vain?
It will hurt you.
It will hurt me.
It will ruin friendships.
It will ruin memories
Good memories.
Great memories.
I’m doing you a favor, by saying no.
I will not love you.
I will not be there when you wake up.
I will not be there when you fall asleep.
Because I feel it deep down.
I know Im not your blessing, and you’re not mine.
So lets skip it.
The arguing.
The tears.
Lets mend our paper cuts and avoid the stitches
and the scars.
Because what is love
if it is not forever?
Written by
Taylor Kennerly  22
   Desi and Halsea Callis
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