Jul 2017
Looking at myself at the mirror
I see a girl that's been hurt
Broken trusted and lost of faith
I see a flower that has not yet bloomed
Fragile thing she is

Questions upon questions she thinks
Rambling through her mind she's confused
By people she love that's so called to be her life
Tears flow down the creases of her face
As a lake flows down a gentle creek

To think she would be full of life
Be able to light up a room as she walks in
Warmth vibe to others that couldn't explain it
Beautiful life created by God himself
It's ...

Continuing to not just the inner
But outside image that I see true
Carving and shaping this shell body
Hoping it would help improve this person in front of me ...
Do I need to say more
brittany smith
Written by
brittany smith  Memphis,TN
       Ashita Kumar, ---, jermaine, ryn, Emeka Mokeme and 6 others
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