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brittany smith Aug 2017
Foot step after foot step
I'm losing the feeling of faith
like losing my humanity
so many words from this could say much

so much to pour out probably wouldn't change
hoping the words that spill out of you
somehow could bring some type of therapeutic flow

stupid I must look to still linger like a shadow
more hepatize to technology then chemistry I see
each leaf falls its getting close to ending
praying thoughts to help

brittany smith Jul 2017
Looking at myself at the mirror
I see a girl that's been hurt
Broken trusted and lost of faith
I see a flower that has not yet bloomed
Fragile thing she is

Questions upon questions she thinks
Rambling through her mind she's confused
By people she love that's so called to be her life
Tears flow down the creases of her face
As a lake flows down a gentle creek

To think she would be full of life
Be able to light up a room as she walks in
Warmth vibe to others that couldn't explain it
Beautiful life created by God himself
It's ...

Continuing to not just the inner
But outside image that I see true
Carving and shaping this shell body
Hoping it would help improve this person in front of me ...
Do I need to say more
brittany smith Feb 2017
Hopeless tears and despair
Wondering mind I must say what a mess
Gathering my pieces they seem to not connect
Emotions in one huge bomb
... no words can explain what I am
No movement to my soul could keep my flames bright
Understanding my flaws an faults
Pace moving fast don't know when to even
Start or end it ....
just know I lost it
brittany smith Jan 2017
Who am I? long lost from myself
Yet hard to understand by others,
Have I crossed my boundaries
Over myself .
Who am I? I must say this new me
It's somewhat terrifying. Hidden thoughts
Trying to fit back the puzzle pieces.
Who am I? I say to the mirror staring back.
Stranger before me intimidating in the eyes.
I must destroy what's been created.
Fighting this black darkness of myself is a struggle. Yet I must over come it all.
Letting the light shine through what's hard to see this whole time.
After this battle with myself.
I still have the question... who am I?
brittany smith Jan 2017
I want nothing more then to breath the same air as you.  To enjoy every moment an go through any obstacle.  Feeling the butterflies flutter in my stomach that's when I know.

Could it be that your the reason I stay up at night.  Floating in mid air can't even see straight.  How is it that my heart races every time I speak to you... you're the reason that I feel this way .  

The soothing sound of your voice is like a melody to my ear. Getting goosebumps from the warmth of your skin. Vanilla yellow tent skin so sweet so beautiful to the eye.

I must say God has recreated something very unique. As the sun rises your golden brown eyes welcoming good morning. Never thought I would say the three words ...
"I love you".
Vanilla yellow tent
brittany smith Jan 2017
Lost in the fog trembling on my feet
Knees wet from the damp cold grass
Gazing upon the stone of my mother

Death in my eyes as life leaves my body
Nothing could fill this soul or repair it
Regrets of words that could've  been said

Only to pray to God for another chance
But only I know that couldn't be
Hoping life can bring me back from this
brittany smith Oct 2015
Love is strong
Its what keeps us a live
Keep us on our feet
Making us believe that one day we'll come across that someone

We as humans desire it
We want nothing more than to drown in love
Its funny how everyone would do the most for attention
But love can also break you down
Leaving you heartless deep in depression

Wondering mind pushed back from everything and everyone around you
Not recognizing yourself lost in the past and not moving forward
Let this be a lesson
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