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Jun 2017
renoir black canvas crook bag after breaks apart and drifts a nothing warmth o’v the carpet open drapes renoir contemplating death //closed loop: <over> <over> <over> <over>// renee skirts breaks brittle dash ******* blood flesh [****] all down the road [schizophrenic laughter as i bleed into my dead phone] and pieces of light opening scattering—no end! no end! no end! no end! no end!—holding her hand keep the wetness out the pieces of hair the cold sprawl the hollowed bones the old tradition the new teeth (across the road children gather and renee breaks into sobs uncontrollably); now Y2K turned and renee tucks a golden coin so deep into the ER room barely breathing first with asthma now renoir.
at times a formless choking backed so deep in her throat renee could not breathe nor eat nor sleep.
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