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Jun 2017
                   ate chlorpyrifos
                  glyphosate chlor
                  pyrifos glyphosa
                  te chlorpyrifos gl
                     g l y pho sate
                     chlor pyrifos
                     g l y p hosate
                     ch lorpyrifos
                     gly phos at e
                     ch lorpyrifo s
                     glyph o s at e
                     chlor p yrifos
           glyphos             ate chlo
       rpyrifos gly       phosate chlo
     rpyrifos glyph   osate chlorpyrif
       fos chlorpyri      fos glyphosat
          e chlorpy            rifos gly
Scott Pruitt head of the EPA under Trump refuses to ban neurotoxic pesticides like glyophosate and chlorpyrifos which is in the fertilizer Roundup.
The  Good  Pussy
Written by
The Good Pussy
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