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Apr 2012
Often intimidating
Exterior hard
It bears a leg for every lifetime scarred

With age comes wisdom
430 million years old
Capable of love but a claw is hard to hold

Often mistaken
An intuitive tune they sing
Never double cross in fear of the sting

Defensive creatures
Sometimes stuck in their ways
There's more to it than what the image portrays

The venom induced can rot you to your core
Treat it right though and you'll be hooked, wanting more

Dive into the depths filled with soul and compassion
Has tried the infinite mind on for size, more than just for fashion
The emotion runs deep in an abyss filled with wonder
Come for the lightning, stay for the thunder

You start to get a feel of the tremendous history
When you gaze into the eyes filled with mystery

Only through connection can everything eventually grow
You can get rooted right here, with this Scorpio
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