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May 2017
She's younger than me
She's just eighty-three
but you'd think she's
a hundred and ten.
She talks of her aches.
She talks of her pains.
Then she tells them all over again.

She wins all the "prizes"..
She likes to advise us
on all the troubles she has
like sun-burning too easy
and how she gets queasy,
flat feet, sinus problems and gas!

She has all of these plus
she's weak in the knees.
Her heart sometimes beats out of time.
The bugs like her better.
She says they all get her.
Her bites swell the size of a dime.
(Actually, a quarter but it didn't rhyme.)

She has trouble sleeping.
She has trouble eating.
Some foods they give her the hives.
To hear when she tells it,
she isn't so well. It's a wonder
she's even alive.

Too healthy am I.
I can't even try
to keep up with the conversation.
The ante's too much.
Her ails I can't touch.
I've not even had operations.

She has, you know, from
her head to her toe.
They've taken out pieces and parts.
She keeps them in jars.
They're never too far
to be shown at a game of hearts.

When she whips out her stones
and pieces of bones,
we just smile and then nod our heads.
She knows she's the winner and
we're just beginners.
"Hey, can't we talk about
the weather instead?"
My two sisters and I used to spend a week together at a beach house. I had to leave a conversation with them one time because I couldn't stand to listen to their (hypochondriac) complaints and woes another minute. I went in the other room and wrote this...later when I read it to them, they laughed but they didn't really"get it"!! Of course, I exaggerated a bit...including the age :-) but still...(On the other hand, perhaps each of them thought it was about the other! LOL)
Written by
Mary-Eliz  Virginia
         Darshana Ramdev, ---, Sandra Lee, CK Baker, ryn and 47 others
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