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Apr 2012
I have a feeling we’ve done this more than once
Probably a few times because the energy we exchanged as we shook hands jolted me
I took a step back and looked into your eyes for just a moment
Immediately submerged
My soul is taken back to a much older time
Within a second, my heart, my soul, remembered past loves from centuries behind
And they were you
More than once
Trying to get something right each time

I have felt you
Felt this jolt of immediate passion
Drawn to you
Willing to submit

My soul remembers
Remembers your tenderness, mixed with bitterness
Love and anger tangled into a tight knot

My body remembers
Flesh, heat, embrace
It was glorious
A passion to be reckoned with

My mind, it tries so hard to remember
It scrapes at the remnants of what our bodies and souls created
Layers of a history I don’t deny is there
If only
If only I could chip away at that first layer and find out what went wrong so many times
Just to know
To have a chance to make it right in this lifetime

It’s a feeble attempt
But an attempt it was
We shook hands
Shared kisses
Embraced under stars
Traveled distances
Ending up farther away than our last encounter

We continue to breathe and live in the same lifetime
My soul content that it connected with the past
My mind left wondering how many more attempts we will be allowed
My heart happy with remembering, even if for a moment, what passionate love feels like
Teresa Magaña
Written by
Teresa Magaña  Chicago
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