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Apr 2017
At the laundromat today
I witnessed a little girl
maybe two or threee
years of age strapped
into her stroller and
playing a game on her
smart phone

I thought to myself
what a spoiled little
toddler she is because
when I was her age all
we got was an egg
filled with silly putty
to play with and we
couldn't wait until
Sunday so we could
roll the silly putty over
the comics and copy the
images on to the funny clay.
silly, wasn't it? Mother would
worry that the ink from the paper
would be harmful to us but,
we didn't care.

Today's toddlers are much more
smarter than we were, heck when
you think about it, their phones
are smarter than we used to be

much more dangerous too.
all they have to do is drop
that thing and lookout! Now
it's leaking radiation. Hey moms,
how do you like having a phone
so smart now?
David Ehrgott
Written by
David Ehrgott  EVERYWHERE!
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