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Mar 2017
it's so strange afterwards
when it's finished
when it has been finished for some
she sat on her bed in her bedroom
and I sat in a chair
and I had to tell her how strange it
"nothing against you
but when I look at you now
I can't understand how you ever made a
madman out of me,
how you got hold of my feelings..."
she just sat there and smiled,
her body the same,
her red hair as long as ever.
she had never loved me.
it only mattered a little to her
that I had gotten away.
she was working on other prey.
she sat there and told me about him.
I listened.
when I left I didn't kiss her goodbye.
I got into my car and drove away.
after driving 4 or 5 blocks
I was no longer
thinking about her.
By Charles Bukowski
Written by
Kassana  London
         Lior Gavra, Maddie, Glass, Sukanya Sinha Roy, Rapunzoll and 8 others
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