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Kassana May 2017
You talk of strangers?
I've tested my own kind
People protect themselves from thorns
I've gained my injuries through flowers
Since that day she made me mad

Who cares if I bow my head
To my lovers feet
It's my head
I put it where I like
Call me heretic
Cast me out then
Every person is ready with a stone
All ready to silence me
Because I speak the truth
I know what you don't
Since that day she made me mad

You talk of other people
The world is full idolatry
Worshipping idols and totems
Have you ever worshipped
the seed that grows from the ground?
So stone me
I would rather worship these stones
That today you pelt me with
Since that day she made me mad

Mother, tell her not to call out the name of her dead friends  
so loudly in the middle of the night  
when I am gone  
I fear that this malicious world  
will say that my songs were evil  

Mother tell her to torment my very being  ask her to shout out my name  
in the sand dunes of hell  
she will not change her stab wounds  
nor the way she sleeps sweating and curved  
Mother  I cannot sleep.
Kassana May 2017
I shriek her name
At the loudest part of my soul
Hoping time will reverberate my echo
So she hears it
The same way it flows through me

Shadows of the past
Fragmented memories of torture
Burn me whole
The way we looked at each other
Strands of hair
The smell of lips
The taste of wine
That cursed alley we walked
These cursed streets that haunt our feet

I drank from that cup
That only the wretched truthful ones drink
I saw the earth shake
Time standing still
All our demons vanish
A perfect solitude
A strife so venomous
That walking away
Would be heresy

I now curse all the angels
And all those who utter gods name
You have not seen the divine
I have
I know what the devil feels
How dare God show himself to me

Burn me
So my embers
Become a crown on her head
So that she remembers that once
She kissed the devil
Kassana Mar 2017
it's so strange afterwards
when it's finished
when it has been finished for some
she sat on her bed in her bedroom
and I sat in a chair
and I had to tell her how strange it
"nothing against you
but when I look at you now
I can't understand how you ever made a
madman out of me,
how you got hold of my feelings..."
she just sat there and smiled,
her body the same,
her red hair as long as ever.
she had never loved me.
it only mattered a little to her
that I had gotten away.
she was working on other prey.
she sat there and told me about him.
I listened.
when I left I didn't kiss her goodbye.
I got into my car and drove away.
after driving 4 or 5 blocks
I was no longer
thinking about her.
By Charles Bukowski
Kassana Jan 2017
I loved her before she knew
before movement was revealed
shards of coal and light born
stone carved and rivers form

resonating through stillness
void and creation
breath and death
earth and birth

knowing and blindess
are one and same
we both know
yet only I could see

your eyes closed
but you do know
I was married to you
before you knew
Kassana Oct 2016
I loved her with such savagery
that losing her keeps me alive
being with her would **** me

on my gravestone mark my name
with the strands of her hair
and leave my eyes wide open

I will enter heaven and burn it
for a love like mine
should not exist

Her head lay on my chest
don't wake me now
**** me if I open my eyes again

I want the angels to slay me
with her eyelashes
my blood will be your wine

I swear by the sombre spring sun
that her breath will remain in mine
As I lie dying with my eyes wide open
Kassana May 2016
I shed my skin to be free of you
A rebirth to forget what is true

Where are you?

Barbarous thoughts haunt me
Silent shadows taunt me

I am here

I bury my soul in the darkest place
To deny a reality that stares at my face

I never left, my love

The moonlit breeze carries your name
I still close our eyes next to my pain

Come, I am here

Your embrace still lingers
As I search you with my fingers

Never leave me, my love

I fear when you become my past
For that day will be my last


You made the earth stand still
And killed everyone who stood at will

I've always loved you, always will

Picking up the heavy pieces is so torturous
I die and will rise again like Lazarus
Kassana May 2016
My love,

There is a grief so heavy
If I spoke about it
The wind would howl your name
I cannot bear the silence
The solitude of life without you

When I found you
I learned how to breathe
Now you're gone
All the air has vanished
Yet I am cursed to live
To walk this unreal plain

Today I write
A poem
That does not come
from the pen of a poet
I write with
a withered smile
Weathered face
Battered tongue

I've learned how to engage
In human constructs
Laugh, smile and cry
At the right occasions
All parlance and fraud
The only thing real is you
To be loved is one thing
To be one is another
I shall walk this earth
Wishing for death
I shall die with my eyes wide open
Waiting for you
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