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Feb 2017
She: Btw I just want to let you know how much I want to be with you and also just by messaging you and thinking of you I get wet

Me: I want to be with you too and I get ***** too when we try new things like this. New things excite me.

She: Nowadays you've made me ***** a lot more. I'm so naughty babe.

Me: I like that I am able to make you feel this way

She: Mi amor makes me a bad girl

Me: And I love that you're so naughty; It makes me feel so **** to know this

She: You are **** as ****

Me: You're way sexier my love

She: You're **** fine. So um babe I've been having this thought a lot more lately and I want this sooo **** bad. I get very wet when I think about it. I just want to get on you and make your **** mine.

Me: I have been thinking about it a lot too lately. Makes me rock hard. You always got me hard.

She: I swear I melt for you; And then to think you'll hold me still and feel your hands on me while I'm making *** to you. ****!!!

Me: Hells yeah babe. ****!!!

She: Babe when I go to sleep I always feel like I want you to come and be with me and to be honest I have also slept with my legs open.

Me: Like in a ****** position?

She: Yeah ****

Me: ****, now I'm rubbing my **** through my jeans

She: Oh God I want that. I wish I could be touching and rubbing it instead. **** it.

Me: Me too babe. When I think of your legs spread wide open it just makes me hot.

She: You make me hot all the time thinking about your **** and having it inside of me

Me: Come and **** me please

She: Mi amor yes I will

Me: **** my brains out. Make me scream mami

She: Picture me naked in bed with my legs spread saying to you "Come here mi amor" with my finger in a very *****, **** tone.

Me: **** you say all the right things and best of all you know just what to say to get me going.

She: I want to make you faint from the sweetest pleasure you have ever known baby.

Me: Come on over

She: I'll be there within the hour
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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