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Jan 2017
The Chinese wall
Stained with teacup & wandering
Chatter and white texture
Of table and screen in eye flashing
A personal ideal

You and your entitled insomnia

Making blonde dogs hurt for a summer
Or a saxophone
Me and my twelve hour staircase speech
Aiding a circus

Or a bleeding taxicab
Way of thinking about a moon
Full of dental light

It doesn't need to be a dreadful
Sadness alone on this street
I can be a child too

The symposium of fastened
Yellow sounds
Being sent by radio tower to
The head of a gated individual who hasn't sung something fresh in far too long
& quite frankly

The ones who wear ***** dresses have had enough!
Enough of totalitarianism

And the debate of a sidewalk under fire

the seat of a desolate minstrel

Who can believe in your
Fantastical idols??

Not the airport who's burning fur hat
Lifts a feather to the
Palace of night

And ..... Now
We expect burdened coronations
Or the theater to put on

A clatter of
I have no wide stepping

The alarm has rung for the strange ostrich
One may attempt to love absolutely

Renouncement finds pleasure in
Renouncing itself
New York,2017
Written by
Connor  23/M/MSH
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