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Jan 2017
Why does my life have to be controlled
by the oppressive people in power?

Is it my words that hurt them?

Is it my clothes that hurt them?

Is it my thoughts that hurt them?

Is it my time that hurt them?

Do I need not follow society's idea of normalcy?

I say "**** No"

**** No to normalcy

**** No to the puppet masters that control me

I can walk on my own two feet, thank you

I, also, have
My own two hands to raise
My own two eyes to see
My own two ears to hear
My own mouth to speak
My own heart to pound

And my own perplexed mind to think

They all belong to me and not you.

If you try and squeeze me through the meat grinder of life, I will still be there.

If you want to understand me, just peel back the layers of my canvas and take a look.
Peel back my words.
Peel back my heart and mind.

This is where humanities lies for everyone.
See me for me
and I'll see you for you.

Do not try and control things that you will never understand.
Your oppressive ways will breed hate among the masses and guide all of us to being unjust.

So stop trying to control me

You will fail miserably

But if you continue,
It is I that will drop the bomb on you!!
Silence Screamz
Written by
Silence Screamz  In Silence ..
(In Silence ..)   
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