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Dec 2016
My father never called and said im sorry i miss you
Yeah love is hard but trying was truly the issue
Im not gonna lie i could cry but life wont give you a tissue
So i ****** it up
Being brave stuck like a suction cup
Laugh it off like i never gave a ****
My life was ***** but my moms was a mess
If others saw my struggle they would consider my life blessed
They saw people tumble and crumble for less
But the real ones always wish you the best

Heroine addicts follow streams under thin skin
Your slowly killing yourself again and again
Skipping lifes movie waiting for the credits to end
10 shots 20 cops lock one man in a pin
Thick bars with faded scars poetry without the paper and pen
The problem is that there is no help
Just many witnesses
Guilty to the soul who fails to show us his innocence
You didnt do the crime but blind minds cant see the differences
Yes we all sin like the ending of the book of genisis

People need to understand the struggle
Know that some people dont have the muscle to stand
No family to give him a hand
Distant relationships so far like earth to mars no stars to climb on
All alone dial the phone no ring tone
Silence like dumpster babies
Mothers making deals with hades
Couldn't afford prescription ******
So you wait 9 months to take 9 seconds to get a garbage bag
Throw the baby away then run off to class
You dont wanna be late
Today a good lesson about the value of fate
Learn to own up to every single mistake
Ok your sorry well im sorry your late

There is a hussle in the struggle and its hard to recieve
That there are many different people who struggle with fees
Too many of them its like your dealing with flees
You need someone to bless you
But you forgotton to sneeze

Every body is losing grasp and keep on falling on knees
Tryna hide behind cover but there is no leaves on the trees
The hussle of a struggle is always hard to achieve
Only one savior can make all man truly believe
I havent posted anything in a very long time
Livi M Pearson
Written by
Livi M Pearson
       Lior Gavra, Yanamari and Doug Potter
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