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Dec 2016
There's a yearning in my soul. A sudden dramatic anticipation. To connect, to reflect, to know your joys and woes. Your sorrows and your hopes.
Even for a day..
A minute..
A moment..
A memory to behold!
I don't expect forever, truly forever is untold, but life has unexpectedly introduced our weary souls. Bestow to me your story. I promise I'm no judge. I am too a victim seeking nothing more than love. A piece of me I'll give you. I'll surly accept yours. To feel in life is purpose, to neglect that is absurd.Β Β Let your heart be open, let it carry you away. The pain you've too long squandered, let's relinquish it today.
Forsaken as we are. Despite our pieces scattered adrift this lonely road. We are still yet hopeful, daydreamers may we be, come to me within your sleep. Let me hold you as you close your eyes, as you slip into this thought, no matter the distance, feel me. A fairytale perhaps. Do we not deserve just one? Take this piece of peace. Find solace and let it thrive. Let this moment be, and long into the next to be a guide. The worst at most will this just fade. The best at least is an eternal embrace.
Rickie Louis
Written by
Rickie Louis  38/M/Milkyway
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